Resources and Services for Independent Consultants

RingCentral Consultant Relations Program

Get the information and services you need to help your clients make the best technology choices. Join our Consultant Relations Program designed specifically for independent IT and communications technology consultants. 

An IT professional in a meeting about the RingCentral Consultant Relations Program

Building stronger relationships with you

We’re committed to establishing long-term, collaborative relationships and delivering innovative solutions that meet your clients’ specific requirements.

Dedicated advocates

You’ll have a dedicated advocate throughout the project lifecycle to help with engagement and make it easy to recommend RingCentral.

Educational materials

No sales pitches here. Get in-depth educational resources that cover what RingCentral offers, how we are differentiated in the marketplace and ways we can help your clients.

Helpful resources

Get the tools and Subject Matter Experts access you need to assist your clients in making informed decisions while boosting your billable hours.

Continuous support

Receive knowledgeable support from pre-sales to implementation, with professional service and ongoing support every step of the way.


Enjoy the benefits of membership

Experience a personalized, collaborative relationship starting on day one.

A client undergoes Consultant Relations Program in her tablet

Prompt and personalized attention

No need to waste your time tracking down the right contact at RingCentral. Simply reach out to the CRP, and we’ll do the legwork for you – connecting you directly to the right people in short order.

Proactive outreach and rapid response

We will keep you informed through monthly educational webinars, technology updates, newsletters, briefings, and lunch ‘n learns. We’ll also be there to get prompt answers for you when questions arise.

World-class client experience

Our support never quits.  You and your clients will have access to our “always-on” resources and personalized support throughout the project lifecycle.


Have concerns and need assistance? Simply escalate it through our Consultant Relations Program Ombudsman service. We’ll get you to a support team that can help with your client’s specific issue.

Mutually beneficial long-term relationships

We strive to create relationships that are beneficial not only to RingCentral, but also to you. We appreciate referrals from our Program members, and we will be on the lookout for consulting opportunities for you, as well.

Access to dedicated portal 24/7

As a member, you’ll have easy access to tools such as RFP templates, TCO and ROI calculators, case studies, data sheets, white papers, educational video clips, archived webinar recordings, technology updates, and more – all at your fingertips.

A male member visits the RingCentral Consultant program on his iPad

Join our consultant relations program today

Share a few details with us so you can start experiencing membership benefits right away.

Join our consultant relations program today

Share a few details with us so you can start experiencing membership benefits right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your dedicated contact will be the RingCentral Director of Consultant Relations who will track down the resources and/or materials you need or get you in touch with the right people who can help. 
Simply complete and send the form on the automated “Contact Us” email, and our Consultant Relations team will be in touch with the next steps.
Consultant Hotline: 980-580-6085
* RingCentral may end this program at any time and you agree to return or destroy any materials provided by RingCentral to you. Additionally, RingCentral may in its sole discretion, remove any participant from the program, for any or no reason. No license or right to use RingCentral marks, logos, or other RingCentral intellectual property is granted by participation in this program.
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