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Professionally recorded greetings

Professionally recorded phone greetings establish your brand and build credibility with your customers and partners.

Benefits of professionally recorded greetings:

  • Bring sophistication to your system menus, phone greetings, IVR prompts and directory menus.
  • Users and departments can customise their extensions with their choice of music, messages, and voicemail greetings.

Be more responsive and professional.

  • Keep callers engaged by answering frequently asked questions, such as business hours, locations, or directions.
  • Announce new products, services, and special events—and get more impact from your marketing efforts—with professionally produced messages.
  • Enhance your messages by adding background music. Over 1,000 pre-licensed music tracks available to choose from.
  • RingCentral has partnered with US-based Snap Recordings. They offer a variety of packages, and it's easy to create your messages and go live with professional recordings in 3–4 business days, with 1–2 days rush service available. Packages start as low as £50.
  • Visit anytime to begin the simple three-step process of bringing your phone system recordings to life.
  • Choose from a wide range of industry-leading voice talent—including voice actors in different dialects, languages (English, French, or Spanish), and bilingual options.
  • Select your voice, write your custom script, and in 3–4 business days Snap Recordings will deliver your phone messages in the optimised format for playback on your RingCentral phone system.

Professionally recorded greetings FAQs:

  • Yes, there are guidelines and script help for auto attendant greetings, voice prompts, and music and messages on hold for a wide range of industries including message samples. Click here for script help.
  • For best quality, MP3 files should be 16 kHz mono. WAV files of 8 kHz mono are also acceptable. Playback quality will depend on the user's codec. If the codec is narrowband (G7.11), then it will playback at 8 kHz. If wideband (Opus or G7.22) is available, then 16 kHz will be used.
  • Admins can update recordings at the IVR and call queue level. For IVRs, access Auto-Receptionist settings in the online admin portal. Prompts can be imported directly from your computer on the Prompts Library tab. Once prompts have been uploaded, they can be assigned to IVR menus. For call queues, access Group settings in the online admin portal and select the call queue to be edited. Under the Greetings and Hold Music tab, admins can upload recordings to the Call Queue Greeting, Hold Music, and Interrupt Prompt sections. Learn more.
  • Users can also upload their own recordings for their personal greetings and hold music. From the user's online account settings, navigate to Greetings and Call Screening. Users can upload recordings to the User Greeting, Connecting Message, Audio While Connecting, and Hold Music sections. These user-level prompts can also be bulk managed with user templates. Learn more.
  •   It may not be. Check for a setting called “Fade Out” in the program you're listening to the recording in, such as iTunes. If this is the case, turn it off to hear your full recording.  
  • Greetings and voice prompts are £50 for every 75 words.
  • On-hold messages start at £99 and include the first 100 words plus one background music track.
  • Background music tracks costs £40 for each additional 100 words.
  • The standard turnaround time is 3–4 business days.
  • Rush delivery is available in 1–2 business days. It costs £50 for the first 75 words and £25 for every 75 words thereafter.
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