Boomset Service Attachment

Your use of Boomset is subject to the Global Platform Terms (the “Global Terms”) as well as the following specific terms. Any capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings in the Global Terms.  


Boomset is a RingCentral solution for managing in-person attendees at Your hybrid or live Events (“Boomset”) that can be used with or without RingCentral Events.

The Boomset dashboard and platform and its associated software, services, products, information, networks, components, APIs, and Documentation, is deemed to be part of the “Platform.”



2.1 Subscription Plans. Use of Boomset requires purchase of a base Subscription Plan. Each Subscription Plan includes a certain number of Credits that You can supplement by purchasing Add-Ons during Your Subscription Period. Unused Credits at the end of each Subscription Period will not roll over into the subsequent Subscription Period. 

“Credit” means a redeemable right that You purchase for use on the Platform, such as attendee credit or lead retrieval credit.

2.2 Overages. RingCentral will invoice You for any Service You use above the Subscription Plan limitation (including Taxes), such as additional registrations and Credits used over Your allotment (“Overage Fees”). Overage Fees are due within 14 days of invoice date unless agreed to otherwise in the Order.



3.1 Platform Support. Boomset provides (a) 24/7 remote monitoring of the Platform, (b) the global help desk available 24/7 by visiting

3.2 Use of Boomset by You and Your Admins is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy available at Provided, however, that the provisions relating solely to the use of RingEX in Section B and the cancellation period set forth in the last paragraph of the Acceptable Use Policy shall not apply to the Boomset services. 



You may also purchase Technicians, Hardware, and Consumables for Your hybrid or live Events, in which case the In-Person Add-On Specific Terms will apply. If you do not purchase In-Person Add-Ons, these terms will not apply.