RingCentral Events Service Attachment

Your use of any RingCentral Events features is subject to the Global Platform Terms (the “Global Terms”) as well as the following specific terms. Any capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings in the Global Terms.  



RingCentral Events is a comprehensive event solution that can be used with or without the other RingCentral products to organize, administer, and host Your virtual, hybrid, or onsite events.



“RingCentral Events” includes the platform generally accessible at www.hopin.com (or any successor site) and its associated software, services, products, information, networks, components, APIs, and Documentation, including the corresponding mobile, desktop or other application(s). 

Documentation for RingCentral Events includes without limitation, the materials available at https://support.hopin.to (or any successor site)

Use of RingCentral Events by You and Your Admins is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy available at https://www.ringcentral.com/legal/acceptable-use-policy.html. Provided, however, that the provisions relating solely to the use of RingEX in Section B and the cancellation period set forth in the last paragraph of the Acceptable Use Policy shall not apply to the RingCentral Events services. 



3.1 Subscription Plans. Use of RingCentral Events requires purchase of a base Subscription Plan. Each Subscription Plan includes a certain number of Registrations or Users (depending on which type of Subscription Plan You purchased) that You can supplement by purchasing additional Registrations or Users now or as Add-Ons during Your Subscription Period. 

“Registration” means a type of individual license seat that allows one Participant to register to attend one of Your Events, whether or not such Participant actually participates or attends such Event. A Registration is distinct from a User. You acknowledge that Registrations are payable regardless of whether or not the Participant attends the Event.

“User” means a type of individual license seat that allows an identified Participant to attend unlimited Customer Events during Your Subscription Period without consuming a Registration.

3.2 Overages. If You consume all Your pre-purchased Registrations, User seats, or Admin Seats, You may pre-purchase more via an Order, or pay as You go in which case RingCentral will, depending on the payment method applicable to Your Subscription Plan, either charge You or invoice You for any additional Registrations, User seats, or Admin You use above the Subscription limitation (including Taxes) over Your prepaid allotment (“Overage Fees”). Where invoiced, Overage Fees are due within 14 days of invoice date.

3.3 Attendee Overages. To avoid interruptions to your Events, if for one or more Events, You consume all of Your pre-purchased Attendee seats, Your account may be charged for an applicable Subscription Plan upgrade or additional Add-on purchases to cover any Attendee overages above the number permitted under your existing Subscription Plan.

3.4 Paid Tickets (if applicable). The following additional fees may also apply to Your use of RingCentral Events if You sell paid tickets or other services and goods using the payment service on RingCentral Events. If You desire to sell tickets to an Event via RingCentral Events, Your account holder must enable the third party payment service provider (“Payment Provider”) made available by self-serve on RingCentral Events. Two types of fees will apply: 

  • Payment Platform Transaction Fee. The Payment Provider will assess a transaction fee to Your sales in accordance with Your agreement with the Payment Provider. You acknowledge that You will have a direct contractual relationship with that Payment Provider and that all payment matters must be addressed with the Payment Provider directly.

  • Ticket Commissions. RingCenral will assess a “Ticket Commission” based on a percentage of Your ticket sales and any other goods and services You sell, or donation You solicit, using the Payment Provider. The Payment Provider will either deduct RingCentral’s Ticket Commission from Your payment and remit that amount to RingCentral, or You will remit the Ticket Commission directly to RingCentral in a timely manner. The Ticket Commission is separate from the Subscription Fee.

3.5 Taxes on Event Related Sales. You are solely responsible for determining which, if any, sales, use, amusement, value-added, consumption, excise and other taxes, duties, levies and charges (collectively, "Sales Taxes") apply to sales You make using the Services, including but not limited to Your sale of Event tickets. You agree that it is Your sole responsibility to, and that You will, collect and remit the correct amounts of all such Sales Taxes to the applicable governmental authorities. RingCentral cannot give You legal or tax advice, so please consult Your tax advisor about Sales Taxes. If a governmental authority requires RingCentral to pay any Sales Taxes attributable to sales You make using the Services, You agree to promptly and fully reimburse RingCentral for such Sales Taxes upon demand and all costs, penalties, interest and expenses related thereto.



4.1 Overview. RingCentral offers certain enhanced features for managing in-person attendees at Your hybrid or in-person Events. Use of such features may require purchase of an eligible RingCentral Events Subscription Plan and/or Add-on. 

4.2 Lead Retrieval. If Your Subscription Plan includes the lead retrieval feature and You have unused lead retrieval credits, You can allocate lead retrieval credits to individual exhibitor booths. Each lead retrieval credit allows for use of the lead retrieval feature by one exhibitor booth for one Event of Your choice. Notwithstanding Sections 1.1 and 6.7 of the Global Terms, RingCentral grants Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable right to provide access to the lead retrieval feature to individual exhibitor booth users. RingCentral is not responsible for any data exchanged between Your attendees and exhibitor booth users who use the lead retrieval feature. Unused lead retrieval credits at the end of each Subscription Period will expire and will not roll over into the subsequent Subscription Period. If You renew a Subscription Plan the number of available lead retrieval credits included in Your Subscription Plan will reset upon the renewal date of Your Subscription Plan.

4.3 Optional In-Person Add-On Purchases. Your Subscription Plan may allow the purchase of Technicians, Hardware, and Consumables for Your hybrid or in-person Events, in which case the In-Person Add-On Service Attachment will apply. If You do not purchase In-Person Add-Ons, these terms will not apply.