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Park calls in the cloud and retrieve them from any phone in your business.
A male customer's call is parked in the RingCentral Call Park feature

What is a call park?

The call park feature in a business phone system allows an agent to place an active call on hold in a virtual "parking lot". It allows the agent to retrieve calls after collecting new information, go through devices, or even transfer the call to another agent with more expertise. In the call park group, any team member can retrieve a call on a different phone or extension, as the call park can be hosted on a cloud or an internal server. This feature also lets the caller listen to music or recorded messages.
Call parking is handy for businesses that receive large volumes of incoming calls, and employees may need to share the responsibility of handling many calls or when multiple individuals need to participate in a single call.
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Benefits of Call Parking in Your Business

Improved Customer Service

Never let an incoming call go unanswered or head straight to voicemail. When your admins configure call park feature into your phone system, each new call received can be placed in a call parking space.
Other agents can also perform a call pickup in case the extension number desired is unavailable to answer the phone. Otherwise, the original receiver takes the call to ensure the caller is not ignored.
An active call being parked in one of the three available call parks in the RingCentral app
An agent handling an ongoing call with an open list of calls and a dialpad within the RingCentral app

Flexibility with your incoming calls

Pick up your incoming calls from anywhere in the business to save time. Whether it be a small business or an enterprise, you can save the agents from traveling from one end of the office to another to switch receivers.
The Call Park feature is also a vital phone system feature for the support and sales industries, especially those with global operations. With a call park, agents can handle many incoming calls simultaneously. Hence, callers' needs can be catered to by the appropriate agent at once. Agents can also park the call to serve them better. This flexible feature is designed to ensure that the right agents can quickly access and handle every conversation.

Increase productivity rates

Let every call be a success when you don't have to waste time and effort. Call parking can enhance the effectiveness of your call center operations by allowing you to collect calls promptly and avoid having to perform call transfers or call forwarding. This way, all agents in the call park group can view the new call to prepare before answering and avoid the surprise of a cold transfer.
Because your agents can quickly park and transfer conversations from one phone to another, call parking can help save time and increase productivity.
An ongoing phone call handled in the RingCentral mobile app
The Call Park setting showing which active phone call can an agent pick up in a park location within the RingCentral app

Reduced wait time

Keep your callers from waiting or incoming calls going to voicemail.  Call parking allows any available agent to retrieve a parked call, reducing queue volume and wait time. Once activated, agent productivity increases and waiting time decreases. Instead of the callers waiting a long time to speak to an agent, the goal of a call park is to let callers wait for not more than five minutes, which is the amount of time they can stay in the call parking space.

Improved brand recognition

When a new call is in the call parking space, it temporarily stays in a call park extension number. This inactive phone number can play recorded voice messages or on-hold music while the caller waits.
You can use call parking feature to inform the caller about new and existing offerings from your company. You can also give them announcements and regular updates on your products and services. They can also play frequently asked questions (FAQs) to offer a possible solution to the caller as they wait. As a result, using the call park feature increases your company's efficiency because you can use the waiting time to promote your company, hence improving brand recognition and trust from your callers.
A heads up display icon of a male agent displayed on a call

Why Choose RingCentral as Your Call Park Service Provider

RingCentral is not just any unified communications provider. We want you to maximize the call parking feature for your business phone system. Here are some reasons why RingCentral should be your chosen VoIP phone service provider.
Convenient parking in the cloud
With RingCentral, you can park up to 50 callers simultaneously, both outbound and incoming calls. To put a new call in the call park, press the Call Park soft key on your desk phone and pass along the parked location to colleagues or departments.
Likewise, you can also park an active call from RingCentral for Desktop or RingCentral mobile app. Meanwhile, unanswered calls ring back after five minutes, so you can ensure your callers are well-attended.
Increase security with private park locations
We value your security and privacy. With RingCentral, you can create a private park location visible only for users within the same call park group.
Only authorized users may perform a call park or call pickup in the cloud. Still, the calls in a private location can be answered directly from group users' desk phones or RingCentral for Desktop.
Access parked calls from remote locations
Because RingCentral is a leading cloud communications company, you can manage your calls in the cloud. You can park essential calls while out of the office with simple touch-tone commands on your smartphone or RingCentral for Desktop.
Even when you travel, RingCentral's Call Park feature is active through your call routing/forwarding rules, so you're supported while on the go.
VoIP Service enabled
RingCentral is powered by Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). When you choose RingCentral as your unified communications solution, you can integrate all your devices from your business phone system into call park groups.
With RingCentral, you can access parked calls anytime, anywhere. You can input a code to continue the call. You can also set up your IVR to include a call parking spot as a destination within your inbound IVR system or routing menu. Once activated, a new call can be automatically parked until a team member can retrieve it.

What You Need to Know About Call Parking

It's the virtual system location, separate from the user extensions. Virtual locations where an inbound or outbound call is parked are preceded by *, for example (*8xx). The maximum number of simultaneously parked locations is 50 (ranging from *801 to *899). The RingCentral system automatically assigns these park locations.
Through an internal server or a cloud-enabled one, a call park lets you park calls to a virtual parking space. It lets the agent put the call in an unused extension number where the incoming callers can wait as agents connect you to the best person to pick up the call.
While on the call park, callers may hear on-hold music, announcements, or even frequently asked questions about the company's products and services.
While parked, all members of the call park group can pick up the call, so callers are attended to promptly.
A call park can be activated via dialing a desk phone soft key, inputting a code, or other call management tools present in your service provider.
Each parked call should last for at most five minutes. That's why businesses can share the calling duties to allocate receiving calls depending on availability.
Your administrator can help create a park location group that is only accessible and visible to users added to the group by using a desk phone or RingCentral for Desktop. RingCentral supports up to 100 park location groups. There is no limitation to how many users can be included in each park location group.
The Call Park feature is included at no extra cost with RingEX™.
Inbound and Outbound Calling
Call Park works for inbound and outbound calling. However, it is not supported on outbound calling to another extension in your system.
Parking on a Specific User Extension
Parking on a specific user extension is considered a private call park, which is currently unavailable.
On RingCentral Desk phones
Incoming calls can be parked and retrieved on any RingCentral deskphone, regardless of office location. Park soft key is available on all Cisco and Polycom devices (except Cisco SPA 508 and Cisco SPA 303). Calls can also be parked using touch-tone commands on RingCentral for Desktop and your smartphone using the RingCentral app for iPhone® and Android™ (with VoIP turned on).
Call Park for Transferred Calls
The Call Park soft key is supported only for warm transfers on desk phones.

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