Put connection at the centre of care

Deliver better patient and member experiences and bring down costs with modern and secure cloud communications.
RingCentral offers communication solutions for healthcare industry
RingCentral offers communication solutions for healthcare industry

The world’s most innovative healthcare organisations use RingCentral

A male doctor sending xray results via RingCentral

A virtual point of care

Easily connect care teams and patients on-site or via telehealth to improve access, reduce costs, and build better experiences.
Give staff the tools to connect with each other and patients using messaging, video meetings, or phone calls—from anywhere.
Reduce costs by making patient access and staff collaboration easier.
Collaborate securely with specialized care teams and payer networks in real time.

Put your members first

Make every conversation count with members, providers, and partners.
Speed up onboarding with better call routing and faster support.
Streamline processing using rich analytics and instant messaging.
Improve customer satisfaction by providing self-service options and same-agent handling.
Female laboratory staff sending lab results via RingCentral app
Schedule online meetings with medical staff in the RingCentral app

Innovate on-the-go

Reduce complexity across the drug and device lifecycle.
Give research teams the tools to connect with patients at critical times on their channel of choice.
Make global collaboration easy and speed up product approvals with one-click meetings, team messaging, and task management.
Set up agent-assisted support lines and track new product campaigns by integrating Salesforce with RingCentral.

Everything your teams need to stay connected

Bring your teams together with free team messaging, video meetings, and a modern business phone.
Female doctor on a video meeting with medical staff
Protect client-doctor confidentiality with secured RingCentral video meetings

Security that’s a step ahead

We know your top priority is making sure your patient and member data is always safe and secure. That’s why we’ve built best-in-class security features into every inch of our platform.

Solutions tailored for you

Use RingCentral as part of COVID-19 response plan

Speed up your COVID-19 response


Personalized patient care via RingCentral video meetings
Connected Telehealth
A medical team conducting telehealth consultation
AccessEAP continues to achieve its mental health mission by adapting to the ‘work from home’ world
A dental staff setting up online consult with a client
Improve Patient Engagement and Satisfaction with the Right Healthcare Communication Platform
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