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Call Flip

Transfer calls from one device to another quickly and effortlessly with RingCentral Call Flip.

We’ve all been on phone calls when one of the parties says, “Let me call you back” and ends the call. While acceptable between friends, this behavior can seem abrupt and even rude in a business setting. Scheduling time for another call is often challenging or impractical.

Call Flip ensures that you’ll never have to cut your calls short. If forced to leave the office in the middle of a call, simply flip the call to your smartphone and keep talking. Or, when a long call has drained all the juice from your smartphone’s battery, flip the call to your desk or home phone. At no time are you compelled to drop off the call and risk alienating your customers and colleagues.

Feature benefits

Be more responsive and professional.

Flipping a call can work to a company’s advantage in any number of ways. Not only does a phone system boasting the latest call-forwarding technology increase the efficiency of a company’s employees, it creates an impression of heightened professionalism. Small business owners get the added benefit of looking substantially bigger and capable of executing more quickly.

Call Flip is ideally suited to a world in which business is more mobile than ever and owners and agents are just as likely to be working outside the office as inside at a desk. It’s part of a feature-rich cloud PBX solution that enables employees to configure their own usage rules and routing sequences.

Be more responsive and professional.

Use smart keys to switch between your devices.

Get the flexibility to move an ongoing call between a desk phone, mobile phone, and softphone. Unlike Call Transfer, calls moved with Call Flip are meant to be picked up by the person initiating the transaction.

To use the feature during a phone call, press the asterisk key (*) followed by the number assigned to the device the call is to be transferred to. For example, if the number 5 is assigned to your home phone, pressing *5 while you are on a call using your smartphone will instantly transfer the call to your home phone.

RingCentral Call Flip, in brief:

  • Use your list of quick-dial forwarding numbers or manually enter a number to transfer a call that’s in progress from one device to another.
  • Simply press two buttons to flip.
  • Flip a call from your desk phone to your mobile phone on your way out of the office.
  • Flip a mobile call to your home phone when you’ve finished your commute.

Call Flip FAQs

Use Call Flip with any touch-tone telephone that accepts incoming calls to your RingCentral number, any touch-tone device that works with RingOut®, or any device connected to a digital line.

Calls flip instantly. Simply pick up the phone that’s receiving the call when it rings, and hang up the phone that’s transferring the call.

Yes, in addition to being able to transfer calls you've added to your quick-dial list, you are able to manually enter a phone number not on the private list and flip your call to that number.

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