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Connect teams and customers worldwide with a leading cloud communications solution that’s optimised for global organisations.
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Unified voice, video, messaging and more for globally minded businesses

Add on, migrate and build better solutions for your workforce and customers with a global solution that can meet your needs for today and tomorrow.


Begin your journey with our award-winning business communications platform, RingEX™.  

Global RingEX™

Add any of our 45 PSTN countries to your RingEX plan and unite your dispersed teams with the industry’s most innovative and reliable solution.

Bring your own carrier 

Enjoy all the benefits of RingEX™ while maintaining existing carrier contracts for a phased approach to the cloud.

International virtual numbers

Deliver exceptional customer service no matter where your customers are, by offering them cost-effective, local dialing options in 99+ countries.

Advanced features and optimisations

Get innovative tools that make it easy to collaborate and break down silos. Access features that help globally dispersed teams keep up and catch up no matter the timezone or language barrier.

Bring everyone together under one global collaboration platform

Explore three global solutions designed to connect your workforce and customers, no matter where they are.

Connect global offices and distributed teams

Improve company-wide collaboration, with scalable cloud calling, messaging and video features for everyone.
  • Local PSTN support in 45 countries 
  • Industry-leading global reliability with 99.999% SLA uptime 
  • Extension-to-extension calling, messaging and video calling included
  • Access up to 1000 minutes of monthly regional calling per user
“Nobody matched RingCentral for the combination of phone features, unified tools and global support we needed”

Global offices


550 employees


Serve your international customers like your domestic ones

Deliver best-in-class experiences for your international customers, with free phone, local country numbers.
  • Set up local inbound numbers in over 99 countries 
  • Offer cost-effective calling options for your international customers 
  • Establish your brand internationally with local telephony for partners and customers
“We’re saving money. RingEX is helping us reduce our ISDN lines and our PSTN numbers, whilst empowering our staff to communicate and be reachable anywhere”

Global offices


1000+ employees


Flexible cloud migration for your business needs

Migrate at your pace and enjoy the benefits of RingEX™ while maintaining existing carrier contracts, numbers and rates for less friction during migration.
  • Flexible telephony options 
  • Minimise disruption and avoid early termination fees 
  • Give users modern tools even if you’re in the middle of long-term carrier contracts 
  • Leverage your current PBX infrastructure
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Bring your global teams together today

Get in touch with one of RingCentral's global solutions experts to get started.

Broad, comprehensive solutions that meet your business needs


PSTN replacement countries and territories


IVN countries and territories


Supported languages


BYOC countries and territories


Seats sold globally


Customers and millions of users worldwide

Build confidence with every call

Learn more about our award-winning cloud phone system and industry-leading call reliability and security.

Hear from RingCentral Global Solutions Customers

Global Solutions Customer Case Study: FE FundInfo
FE Fundinfo
Taming telephony in 9 global locations with RingCentral.
Global Solutions Customer Case Study: Medalia
Expanding at pace and choosing a solution built to support growth.
Global Solutions Customer Case Study: Veeve
Connecting international offices like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Global RingEX™ connects your global organisations with local services in 45 countries and territories. We provide a consistent messaging, video and phone experience across your global workforce and offices. We make it easy for your entire enterprise to work together, everywhere. Connecting colleagues and customers from London, Lisbon to Los Angeles and beyond.
Our comprehensive selection of PSTN-supported countries means we’re ready to support your organisation wherever the future of your business takes you.
Global RingEX™ is an add-on solution available to accounts who subscribe to RingEX Standard, Premium and Ultimate tiers.

Learn more about what RingCentral's entire solution can offer in our latest blog.
IVN stands for International Virtual Number.
RingCentral IVNs are designed for customer-centric companies, big or small, who are looking to expand or support their global customer base with local inbound calling. An IVN is a cloud phone service that you can configure to offer local inbound calls in 99 countries, allowing your customers to get in touch with you at preferential local rates or toll-free, as opposed to offering a single phone number, which is not considered local for many of your customers and may cause them unwelcome costs.

Learn more about International calling on our IVN Blog.
For multinational customers RingCentral offers software as a service, where customers provide their own local telecommunication carrier services (“Bring Your Own Carrier” or “BYOC”). 
BYOC allows customers to receive the cloud PBX functionality of RingEX, by connecting their existing local voice carrier to the cloud PBX functionality, which includes videoconferencing, team messaging and file sharing services. 
All calls to and from the Public Switched Telephone Network (“PSTN”) travel over the local voice carrier’s network via a gateway purchased and owned by the Customer (the “Gateway”).
Discover more about RingCentral BYOC solutions here.

Contact our sales team to discuss requirements for countries and territories not listed on our website.
Our innovative solutions are designed to help your globally dispersed teams to keep up and catch up, no matter the timezone or language barriers.
Improve the meeting experience for non-native speakers with live transcription.
Help alternate time-zone teams catch up on the meetings they couldn’t attend with AI-generated meeting summaries and 1min video highlights real. We call it Advanced Meeting Insights.
For your increasingly mobile teams, we have built-in solutions that let them flip from mobile to desktop and back again, without ever leaving the meeting.
Office hours can be set, so employees aren’t disturbed in the middle of the night.

Our mobile, desktop and browser apps are available in 18 languages. Your team can configure their RingCentral experience in their language of choice, just like their work devices. Our admin portal is also available in 18 languages, so managing your main account to porting numbers, can all be done in your preferred language. For instructions, click here.
RingCentral supports an extensive set of Poly, Cisco and Yealink phone models in a BYOD program (bring your own device). Recently we’ve certified the Poly Trio 8300, Poly CCX series and Yealink’s T4x and T5x series offering RingEX subscribers, even more choices for Plug and Ring™ ready phones.

For organisations grappling with a wide geographic presence, we’ll even take care of shipping your devices internationally with region-compliant power supplies. When they arrive, simply plug in any of our certified phones and your users can place calls immediately. Check out our certified phones here.
RingEX is a seamless solution that combines messaging, video conferencing and phone calls into one unified platform. It’s one place to do your best work.
Here’s a deeper dive on each of our integrated components of Message, video and phone.
Message It’s a place for productivity and collaboration, allowing you to chat, share files and get work done your way.
Video offers flexible video meetings for clients and teammates. Host, join and engage in dynamic AI-powered video meetings for effortless productivity.
Phone RingCentral phone is so much more than a business phone.

Add our award-winning cloud phone to your existing devices and apps like Salesforce, Google and Microsoft and meet the mobility demands of modern work. New lines, devices, offices and remote teams can be added in minutes all while accessing the richest set of features, analytics and integrations of any cloud phone provider.
Depending on your chosen RingEX package, certain inter-region minutes are included free of charge, when you eclipse those minutes, please refer to these pages for country-level calling rates.
Bring your global teams together today
Simplify global calling and collaboration with RingCentral Global Solutions.