RingCentral Helps Global Tech Company Slash Costs, Improve Customer Service, and Connect Its Worldwide Staff More Seamlessly Than Ever
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RingCentral is leaps and bounds above the communications systems I’ve used in previous organizations. It is truly enabling our global, mobile workforce.

Tony Healy

Chief Information Officer, Mobica
As a global software services company, Mobica delivers and enables technologies that transform business outcomes for world-leading companies in the automotive, silicon, financial technology, media, and telecoms sectors. They work as a development partner, turning their customers’ complex business challenges into competitive advantages with expert technical knowledge, cross-sector industry experience, and an ability to deliver at scale.
Many of the world’s most respected and successful businesses trust Mobica’s technology solutions and consulting services to improve their products and create new ones. Today, the company’s innovative work for the automotive, silicon, and connected devices industries is helping some of the biggest names in tech develop some of tomorrow’s most exciting solutions.
Mobica has expanded rapidly in recent years, opening new offices around the world and hiring hundreds of additional employees. “For a company undergoing that type of year-on-year growth—even a tech company like ours—it’s easy for the internal tech stack to become outdated while everyone is focused on servicing our customers,” says Tony Healy, Mobica’s Chief Information Officer.
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Another year of rapid growth triggers the search for something better

“Due to the phenomenal rate at which Mobica has grown, the communications infrastructure at each of its sites tended to be localized, rather than centralized, so we had different communications hardware at each of our locations and lacked integration across the various solutions.”
Mobica internally was running an ineffective and costly communications infrastructure built on legacy phone technology and disparate communication tools, which lacked many of the features Mobica’s international staff now needed to communicate and collaborate effectively with their rapidly growing global customer base. A search for a better alternative led them to RingCentral.

The company has taken a two-pronged approach to improving its communications tech stack

Mobica decided on a two-pronged strategy to resolve these issues. “First, we’d replace our on-prem telephony hardware with a cloud-based, centrally managed solution,” Healy explains “Secondly, we’d phase out the different apps we were using across the organization for online video meetings and team collaboration and consolidate these into a single, unified solution. After an impressive proof-of-concept period, we realized RingCentral provided the answer to both challenges.”
RingCentral is leaps and bounds above the communications systems I’ve used in previous organizations. It is truly enabling our global, mobile workforce.

Tony Healy

Chief Information Officer, Mobica

With RingCentral, Mobica can continue its expansion plan and communicate as a truly modern tech company

From the start of its RingCentral rollout, Healy and his team knew Mobica had found the right solution for their highly distributed, highly collaborative company needs.
“Where we used to have to do the best we could with a variety of different platforms across our sites, with RingCentral, we now have the total package in a single solution,” says Healy. “The benefits we’re already seeing are enormous.”
“First, we’re saving money. RingEX is helping us reduce our ISDN lines and our PSTN numbers, whilst empowering our staff to communicate and be reachable anywhere. And because we’re using RingEX, we’ve been able to not only reduce costs, but also enhance our video conferencing experience with improved quality and reliability."
“At the same time, Mobica now has enterprise-caliber business phone functionality—automated professional greetings, dial-by-name directory, extensions, advanced routing, etc.—to match our reputation as a global technology innovator.”
“RingCentral is also helping us become more connected as an organization, and that’s important in a company as geographically distributed as ours. Now we are in the process of rolling out across the group using RingCentral, and we have many ways—voice call, video chat, business chat—to easily connect with anyone in any of our offices around the world.”
“And thanks to the RingCentral Glip team collaboration workspace, Mobica’s workforce now has a central collaboration platform that lets teams organize and maintain a single source of truth on complex projects through one-on-one chat, team chat, file sharing and commenting, conversation archiving, and more. It gives us the ability to be a truly mobile workforce without losing any productivity.”
“RingCentral is leaps and bounds above the communications systems I’ve used in previous organizations,” Healy says. “It is truly enabling our global, mobile workforce.”

Dream jobs in dream locations

With more than 5 million users and over 6,000 employees, RingCentral offers incredible opportunities across the globe.