Global Software Company Finds the Right Unified Communications Solution to Help Them Stay Connected and Thrive
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RingCentral has been great for uniting our entire company across all offices, globally, and helping everyone communicate and connect more effectively.

Jacqueline Ho

IT Director, TechnologyOne
As it expanded into the UK, enterprise SaaS company TechnologyOne—which had more than 1,200 employees in 14 locations across six countries—could no longer support its growing worldwide presence with its old telephone system. Moreover, the company’s phone service did not integrate with its call center solution, and its online meetings system was very unpopular with employees. They decided it was time to evaluate a move to unified communications.

An international expansion pushes the legacy phone system beyond its limits

“Our aging phone system had been creating challenges for some time, but we reached the breaking point with our UK expansion,” recalls Richard Nicol, Group Director, Support & Enhance for TechnologyOne. “We couldn’t even do call transfers in our support team from our Australia headquarters to the new UK office.”
Nor was this TechnologyOne’s only challenge from an IT communications standpoint. Their previous call center solution wasn’t integrated into any of the company’s other platforms or databases. This meant, for example, that support agents receiving prospect or customer calls had no visibility into who was calling. Connecting a caller with the right person often required several transfers and repeating of customer information. “From a phone perspective, everything was disjointed and didn’t work,” Nicol explains.
The company’s video conferencing solution was also becoming a problem, not only for internal meetings but also in terms of the company’s reputation with customers. “Video conferences caused us a lot of grief,” says Nicol. “We’d have 30 people join our meetings from multiple regions, and it wasn’t uncommon for it to take 15 minutes to get the software working for everyone. That was very disruptive and unprofessional, especially when you’ve got customers in those meetings.”
“It was a combination of these factors that led us to say, ‘We need to go and get a unified communications solution.’”
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RingCentral delivers everything promised and a lot more

“RingCentral has been great for uniting our entire company across all offices, globally, and helping everyone communicate and connect more effectively,” says Jacqueline Ho, TechnologyOne’s IT Director, adding that she and her colleagues are thrilled to have a single system for telephony, call center, video conferencing, as well as team chat and collaboration. “Having all of these tools on the same solution around the world helps us train people and makes it easy for us to stay connected.”
“RingCentral Contact Center has changed our lives completely,” explains Support Manager Tracey Bulley. “For the first time, our customer support team can now immediately get a holistic view of who is calling, what they need help with, and where they are, so the agent can provide a fantastic experience for them.”
Nicol adds his own praise about RingCentral Contact Center: “When our consultant picks up that phone, they know it’s Mary calling from XYZ Council, and it’s about this issue. They can answer that phone and say, ‘Hello, Mary, I hear you want to talk about case 1-2-3. I’ve got your case right here, and I know we can resolve it.’”
TechnologyOne is also realizing benefits from the RingCentral Analytics Portal, which helps the company stay informed in real time about what’s happening across the system. “RingCentral analytics provides my team with actionable insights into all the key environments of our system for calls, messages ,and meetings,” says IT Services Analyst Emily Tregea. “The portal has even helped us become proactive in addressing issues before our users realize they might have a problem. And it’s so flexible that I can even monitor our organization’s data in real time from my mobile phone using the RingCentral app.”
The company is also making the most of RingCentral’s integrations with their daily workflow apps. They’ve integrated RingCentral Meetings™ with their Office 365 environment, for example. This has helped the company much more easily schedule using the Office 365 Calendar. “Since rolling out RingCentral, we now host more than 4,000 meetings a month,” explains IT Director Jacqueline Ho. “Our previous solution wasn’t reliable or intuitive enough to support that much activity, and the data have also shown us that the call quality of these meetings is actually a lot better than we had previously.”
Additionally, TechnologyOne is increasing call center efficiencies and gaining business intelligence through their RingCentral integration with Salesforce. This is helping to make their call center agents more productive and efficient by automatically logging calls directly into the company’s Salesforce environment—rather than forcing agents to manually enter this data after each call. The Salesforce-RingCentral integration also gives the Analytics team more visibility into call traffic patterns, agent performance, and other important metrics that help the team make better-informed decisions about staffing and resource allocation.
“Moving to RingCentral Meetings has been revolutionary for our business,” says a grateful Richard Nicol.
RingCentral analytics provides my team with actionable insights into all the key environments of our system for calls, messages, and meetings.

Emily Tregea

IT Services Analyst, TechnologyOne

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