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Call Forwarding

Easily forward phone calls to a range of devices and never miss another call again.

Benefits of Call Forwarding:

RingCentral’s business call forwarding service enables you to easily forward phone calls to another phone number, device or department. With our call forwarding in place, you’ll never again worry about missing that key business call.

It’s also easy to screen telemarketers and block calls without a caller ID – so you can finally say goodbye to cold callers for good.

The RingCentral business call forwarding service is simple to set up and enables you to divert calls with ease. Our call forwarding rules allow you to forward calls to multiple different phone numbers at once, or set up a consecutive order - for example office, mobile, then home phone.

RingCentral’s cloud phone system lets you go far beyond regular call routing, offering a range of advanced possibilities for managing the forwarding of calls. Here are a few of the key features you can make use of:

  • Forward calls to up to 10 phone numbers, which you can choose to ring at the same time or in whatever order you prefer. 
  • Set the number of times each phone rings before a call is diverted to the next device.
  • Make sure calls are always routed to the right person by setting custom call divert rules based on the time of day, day of week and caller ID. 
  • Select specific Ring Groups that forwarded calls should go to.

We appreciate how frustrating it is to get weekly, if not daily, cold calls. They’re inconvenient, unwanted, and highly deceptive now that number spoofing allows them to appear as local numbers. RingCentral’s call forwarding makes all that a thing of the past by allowing you to:

  • Screen telemarketers and cold calls by getting callers to introduce themselves first. You can then choose to reject incoming calls of callers you don’t recognise. 
  • Block any callers who don’t have specific caller ID information. 
  • Play a message such as ‘Calls with no caller ID are not allowed’ to people phoning from a number without a caller ID.

Mobile call forwarding FAQs

  • Call forwarding, also known as call divert or call diversion, allows you to forward phone calls to any device in any location.

  • Learning how to divert phone calls is simple with RingCentral. Just log in to your online account, or by using the RingCentral app on your mobile.

  • You can forward calls to 10 phone numbers – including Voice over IP (VoIP) or virtual numbers. All of these numbers can ring at once when a call is forwarded, or you can choose a set order to call each number.

  • You can change your call forwarding settings, including the forwarding numbers and order, at any time, again this is done via your online account or RingCentral mobile app.

  • Callers to your main business number will hear your company greeting, then the Auto-Receptionist service will ask them to hold while the call is connected. 

  • If the service is enabled, the Auto-Receptionist will then ask the caller to state their name and you’ll hear their name through your phone (or computer speakers if you’re online).

  • Yes, you can forward an international call from Australia to a long-distance international number.

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“In RingCentral, we have a platform in which we have absolute confidence plus a shared ethos that believes that almost everything is possible!”
— Paul Strinati, Founding Partner & IT Director, 
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