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Gatewatcher’s UK team uses RingEXTM (Message, Video, Phone) to keep remote workers connected, improve efficiencies and control telephony costs. 
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My appreciation for RingCentral started right from our earliest pre-sales conversations. The team showed far more interest than I expected considering how large some of RingCentral’s customers are and how few licences our UK team was launching with. Since we’ve implemented RingCentral, they’ve consistently shown that same level of concern for our success and eagerness to help.

Adrian Jones

UK Country Manager

Protecting public and private institutions’ digital infrastructures

Cyberattacks around the world are increasing every year both in numbers of incidents and the hackers’ levels of sophistication. Such attacks threaten organisations’ mission-critical operations, sensitive data, reputation and regulatory compliance. That’s why so many organisations, from small businesses to international corporations and even national governments, have turned to Gatewatcher, the leading provider of cybersecurity software specialising in Network detection and response.
Paris-based Gatewatcher has established itself as one of the world’s most trusted creators of advanced threat-detection software — protecting governmental and private institutions in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and APAC. The company’s numerous awards include the Special Jury Prize of the International Cybersecurity Forum and a “Best Detection Solution” honour at the Silicon Cybersecurity Awards for the company’s Trackwatch® software and the recent winner of Computing Security’s “Advanced Persistent Threat  (APT) solution of the year” and the coveted “One to watch” Security product awards. 

A phone system that helps a small division look big

Adrian Jones, UK Country Manager for Gatewatcher, explains that the international organisation tasked him with setting up the company’s new presence in the UK, starting with a small launch team working remotely.
From a telecommunications standpoint, Adrian faced a challenge. With only a few people on the initial team, he did not want to overcommit to a costly, traditional enterprise phone system. But given the nature of Gatewatcher’s mission-critical services, and the large corporate and governmental clients they would be speaking with, Adrian also didn’t want to underequip his team with a phone system that would provide a subpar caller experience.
He found the ideal solution in RingEX (Message, Video, Phone).

Enterprise-level cloud communications for the SMB

As Adrian explains, launching his new UK division with RingCentral’s unified communications platform solved many operational issues he knew he couldn’t solve with other telephony providers.
“We needed to present ourselves as a multimillion-dollar organisation right out of the gate — which would’ve been difficult with our remote team having to give prospects their personal numbers and callers not reaching the right person because we didn’t have a working IVR.”
With RingCentral, Adrian was able to easily set up sophisticated routing instructions, automated voice prompts and call queues seamlessly connecting employees across different regions of the country.
Everyone on our team, no matter where they are or what type of device they’re using, can join call queues and support clients. The whole process is seamless for us and transparent to callers — giving our small team a much larger and more established appearance.

Adrian Jones

UK Country Manager
London, England
Additionally, Adrian explains, because RingCentral is a truly global cloud communications provider, his team was able to easily connect to Gatewatcher’s headquarters in Paris. 
“Tying our virtualised UK team into the main corporate telephony infrastructure would’ve been difficult and costly with another solution. But RingCentral made these international connections to Paris as simple as internal routing or forwarding. That means even when our employees are unavailable, we can automatically redirect those calls to headquarters.”

RingCentral helps create a smooth, hassle-free implementation

What impressed Adrian even more than RingCentral’s functionality, he notes, was the simplicity and success of the implementation.
“In my experience, IT communication deployments are always a nightmare. Plus, we started with RingCentral as a very small customer, and that made me sceptical about how much attention and support to expect. So, I was amazed at both how easy and painless the rollout was and the level of help we received from our RingCentral implementation team.”
Our RingCentral implementation team was with us for every step, answering our questions, helping us configure our IVRs and custom call instructions, and connecting us to our Paris phone system. They also helped us set up our environment perfectly so it would do just what we need it to do today, with our small team, and scale easily as we add people and new locations.

Adrian Jones

UK Country Manager

Tapping into RingCentral’s flexibility to improve efficiencies

Another characteristic of RingCentral that’s significantly benefiting Gatewatcher’s UK operation, Adrian points out, is the fact that the system is so flexible it meets every communication need of the team.
“We all use multiple devices — desktops, laptops, smartphones — and we’re all travelling regularly. With RingCentral on all our devices, we can talk, message, text, even have video conferences anywhere. We can even hand off calls or video meetings from one device to another in real-time.”
Yet another way the Gatewatcher UK team are using RingCentral to create custom workflows is through app integrations — specifically the RingCentral for Google Chrome extension and the RingCentral for HubSpot integration.
“A big part of everyone’s role here is business development in our new region, so we’re doing a lot of prospect research and outreach,” Adrian explains. “I can’t tell you how convenient it is to be in my Chrome browser, find a number, and be able to dial it with one click. And when we’re in our HubSpot CRM, we can also click-to-dial our prospects there thanks to the RingCentral integration.”

Appreciative of the system’s advanced security and compliance capabilities

As a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions itself, Gatewatcher demands the highest levels of security and regulatory sophistication from each of its IT vendors. As Adrian points out, this was another reason RingCentral stood out.
“We definitely appreciated RingCentral’s security protocols for storing our data — such as our call logs,” he says. “And the ability for us to go into our RingCentral admin portal and pull up logs for audit purposes and compliance was also an important selling advantage.”

Controlling costs with RingCentral

Finally, Adrian points out, RingCentral proved to be an extremely cost-effective solution for the functionality it offered. “Every business telecom solution I’ve ever dealt with found ways to charge us an extra pound here or there for storage, generating reports, adding devices, and on and on. With RingCentral, we’re paying a flat rate, and we’re getting everything we need. And for the first time, I can predict and control my telecom costs over the long-term.”
It amazes me that we have this global cloud communications platform capable of so much, and the cost is low enough that I can pay the invoice on my personal credit card and expense it. We’re expanding rapidly, planning to add thousands of users over time, so that won’t always be the case. But it says a lot about RingCentral’s affordability that we’re getting so much for such a manageable price point.

Adrian Jones

UK Country Manager