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RingSense™ for sales

Crush your quotas with AI-driven revenue intelligence.

Instantly optimise your revenue org and extract revenue-accelerating insights from customer conversations.
At-a-glance views.
RingSense Feature: At-a-glance views
Intelligent scoring, explained.
RingSense Feature: Intelligent Scoring
Automated summaries.
RingSense Feature: Automated Summaries
Customizable concept trackers.
RingSense Feature: Custom Trackers

Tame communication chaos

Empower your sales teams to crush quotas quarter over quarter by unlocking conversation intelligence from customer interactions across calls, emails, and video meetings - deeply integrated with your CRM.
Video thumbnail: A man on an active sales call with information about open deals and scorecards

Conversation intelligence from the trusted leaders in cloud voice

Accelerate your pipeline, automate your operations, and evolve your sales teams.
Automate your work
Reveal hidden value
Evolve your people

Automate mundane tasks so reps can focus on winning

Operate at peak performance by eliminating tedious tasks and workflows.

Inform the  right people at the right time

Artificial intelligence (AI) highlights critical moments of the buyer journey so you never miss an opportunity to identify and fix pain points.

Revenue teams that work together, win together

Sharing key customer interactions brought to the surface by AI bridges the gap between sales, operations and marketing.

Integrations that make selling easy

Integrate with key systems, like your CRM, so salespeople can focus on more important tasks, instead of data entry.

RingSense Conversational AI product demo window
RingSense Conversational AI product demo window

Unearth conversation gems to maximize win-rates

Diamond opportunities are brought to the surface so you can act fast.

Let us find your next big win

Go beyond search and sort and let AI surface summary scores so you can focus on key moments that need your attention.

Forecast accurately and identify risks

Know immediately when and why a critical deal is stalled.

Automatically generates notes, summaries, and next steps

Let AI remove the guesswork of what to do next by identifying next steps in your sales conversations.

Coach reps into quota-crushers

Instantly whip up winning sales plays that help sales teams ramp quickly and destroy their quota.

Superior coaching that sales reps love

AI- and data-driven scores blended with manager feedback creates a positive sales coaching culture.

Ramp up fast

Create custom playbooks from real selling moments to accelerate speed-to-value for new reps.

Transform your people

Building libraries of best practices helps everyone track team performance over time and stay focused on learning from past successes.

RingSense Conversational AI product demo window

You’ve got to see it to believe it

Let us blow your mind.  Take the next step to see RingSense in action.

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InsuranceHub Uses AI to Transform Sales Conversations and Reduce Churn

How RingSense works for your key revenue players

RingSense analyses customer interactions and provides intelligence your sales leaders has never had access to so they can better adapt, respond, and upskill to close deals more effectively.

Do less for more

Let AI automate the most tedious parts of your job, so you can focus on closing.

  • AI makes sense of your customer conversations and automatically updates your CRM records with summaries and action items.
  • Proactively get ahead of deal risk by tracking key selling moments.
  • Bring in the right players and top performers at the right time.
Female agent introducing a product demo to a client

Accelerate your pipeline with coaching that transforms sales performance

Improved win rates by pinpointing exactly what impacts deal progression and deliver exceptional onboarding and coaching.

  • Drive superior coaching with real conversations and custom scorecards. 
  • Accelerated speed-to-value with tailored onboarding.
  • Turn your sales reps and new hires into quota-crushers with right-message-right-time feedback.
A manager coaching a sales agent

Create operational excellence with complete visibility

Understand your business at a macro level with real-time trends and actionable insights that shape your revenue organization.

  • Create custom libraries of the best sales techniques and strategies
  • Use the actual voice of your customer to inform and enrich sales playbooks.
  • See how well individuals and teams leverage your sales process and tie them to sales effectiveness and revenue growth goals.

Understand your business at a macro level with real-time trends and actionable insights that shape your revenue organisation.

A female sales agent tracking a client call

Your customer’s success is your success

The best CSMs are good listeners.  Be the advocate your customers dream about by being ridiculously close to the action.

  • Quickly get up to speed on the entire buyer journey so you can be ready the moment you take ownership.
  • Monitor ongoing upsell activities so you can advocate for the best customer experience.
  • Review past interactions so you can follow up with a refreshed perspective.
A sales person doing a discovery call

Collaborate with the true voice of your customer

  • Listen for key moments so your marketing teams can better understand customer behavior and preferences.
  • Listen to only the interactions that matter, helping you hone in on the topics that interest you.
  • Share customer-driven messages with your go-to-market teams so you’re aligned on the right content.
A man presenting a report with charts and graphs

Features that keep your revenue teams one step ahead

Datasheet cover: A man presenting sales data on his laptop during a work meeting and a library of recorded account reviews

Be a hero.  Share the news with
your sales leader

Download and share the datasheet
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RingCentral Breaks New Ground with Conversation Intelligence Platform for Revenue Teams

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Frequently Asked Questions

Conversation intelligence is a tool used to analyse business conversations (such as sales calls and customer calls) and supports the next best actions for improved operations and results.
It differs from your typical call recording or online collaboration solution because it has outstanding documentation, note-taking, and conversational analytics capabilities. It works by inserting artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies into cloud tools. This allows organisations to actively record phone calls, generate accurate transcriptions, analyse communications, glean data-driven information, and surface actionable insights.
By making it possible to record, transcribe, and analyse customer interactions, agents can easily access relevant information, input call data into CRM platforms, and share information with key team members and departments. This streamlines workflows and enables your workforce to focus on tasks that matter the most—boosting agent performance and efficiency rates in the process.
Conversation intelligence solutions can also serve as the foundation for effective customer support and sales coaching. Sales managers and supervisors can leverage conversation intelligence to provide instructions on how to improve customer satisfaction rates, explain and supply information about new products and services, or align marketing and sales efforts to achieve a consistent tone across all channels.
Overall, conversation intelligence tools can be applied to many areas of business: sales forecasting, pipeline management, contact centre legal compliance, and more.
Revenue intelligence refers to the process of collecting and analysing sales data to gain critical business information. The data-gathering process covers all areas of sales engagement and buyer experience, including:
  • Competitor mentions
  • Objection handling
  • Budget discussions
  • Decision-making authority
  • Deal progression and selling methodologies
Similar to conversation intelligence, revenue intelligence platforms also use AI and ML to identify trends, metrics, and KPIs to gain a comprehensive view of buyer reality, accelerate sales cycles, and support accurate forecasts for revenue growth.
Revenue operations (RevOps) is the end-to-end business process of integrating sales, marketing, and customer service into a unified system. It is heavily focused on aligning the entire funnel, connecting business and activity data, streamlining operations, and creating a clear and transparent business framework.
This holistic approach ensures that all teams are working towards the same goals—improve revenue process efficiency, drive predictable revenue, and achieve revenue growth.
Beyond better revenue growth, however, successful revenue operations also give businesses the advantage of removing roadblocks and conflicts within departments, maximising functionalities of technologies and tools, establishing long-term strategic planning techniques, achieving better customer retention rates, and more.

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