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Easy to use Business SMS at your fingertips.
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Improve open rates
  • Reach thousands of customers with pre-built SMS integrations and automators.
One app for calling, SMS, video and more
Send, receive & manage all calls, business SMS, video meetings in one place.
Easy to use
  • Login and send customers SMS on desktop or mobile in minutes.
Business SMS for Microsoft Teams
Send business SMS to individuals or groups natively in Microsoft Teams.

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Easy to use Business SMS

Video: Introducing RingCentral SMS

Low-cost customer outreach

Engage and delight your customers

High response rates

Speed up customer support

Login and send SMS online in seconds or send automated, templated text messages. Switch between desktop and mobile anytime to pick up where you left off.

Send anything over text

Send pictures of floor plans, marketing events, design heavy texts, image attachments and more! It’s simple to use, no training required.

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an SMS conversation between client and brand

Set up in minutes

Add new phone numbers and devices in minutes

One subscription for all communication needs

Calling, SMS, eFax, team messaging, video meetings all in one app. Send, receive & manage all your conversations in one place.

Optimized for deliverability

Designed to improve deliverability, ensure carrier compliance, and reduce coverage fees.

Elevate customer care with SMS integrations

Trigger messages from your CRM and more with out-of-the-box prebuilt SMS integrations or build your own workflows with our open APIs for your marketing and client engagement strategies.

Delight every department

Increase Sales
Consumers who message you are 5X more likely to make a purchase.
Decrease Costs
SMS marketing is one of the most effective and low-cost channels for customer engagement.
Improve support
Our Enhanced Business SMS help brands respond to every inquiry right away, increasing CSAT and loyalty.

Business SMS features that increase
customer satisfaction

Integrate RingCentral SMS with Microsoft Teams

Send SMS right from Microsoft Teams

Transform Microsoft Teams into a powerful communications hub with RingCentral's integrated SMS.
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Create campaigns that convert

Cut through the noise and engage your consumers with targeted, two-way messaging that outperforms traditional tactics.

Text the way you want

RingCentral business SMS accessed via a phone or a tablet

On your phone or tablet

Business SMS viewed on the desktop RingCentral app

On your computer

Reduce call volumes with scaled SMS customer care solutions

Drive down operational costs while providing delightful customer experiences.

Watch how RingCentral customers use Enhanced Business SMS to drive business success

Video: RingCentral Small Business Success Stories
Case Study: Senderra RX


Senderra RX
“We’ve built more than a dozen triggers like this, which means we’re providing our patients with more timely information and, ultimately, better service. Plus, given that we’re sending 10,000 of these SMS messages a day, that’s also saving our team tremendous time on manual follow-ups.”
Case Study: Queen Bee Cleaning Service


Queen Bee Cleaning Service
“I can quickly put together a coupon for discounted service tomorrow and send it to my customers and prospects in that area. People really respond to those messages. If I send out 20 texts, about 9 or 10 people will take the offer and book a job for the next day.”
Case Study: Barx Parx


Barx Parx

“Texting also gets us bookings much more quickly. When clients had no choice but to call one of our numbers, those calls could take 10 minutes—between navigating our phone menus, small talk and having to repeat themselves over barking. But now, they can text us a request for an appointment and that takes 30 seconds, which frees up our employees and helps us book more services.”

FAQ about RingCentral Business SMS

With your RingCentral business text messaging service, you can send and receive texts and multimedia messages (MMS) with suppliers, customers, colleagues, and departments from your RingCentral business numbers. With one professional phone number for all business communications, you will also be able to receive text message service notifications for your voicemails, faxes, missed calls, and urgent messages.
When choosing a business text messaging service, simplicity and flexibility are key. When used correctly, business SMS can be your secret weapon for supercharging engagement. Here are some points to look for:
  • Unified phone number - SMS outreach from your business number to maintain professional and secure communications.
  • Unified communications inbox - Send, receive & manage all your SMS conversations, business calls and eFaxes in one place across all your devices.
  • Carrier compliant and optimized for deliverability - Your business texting app should be designed to optimize deliverability while ensuring carrier compliance. Our SMS solution meets new Carrier requirements, helps offset some of the new per-message fees, and reduces risk of fines. All customer businesses and phone numbers are vetted and registered with TCR by RingCentral. Our advanced spam and carrier compliance detection system even helps prevent messages that would violate carrier guidelines, helping you stay in compliance and helping ensure the best possible reputation for your business with carriers. All in all, working together to drive greater deliverability, reduce costs, reduce risk to your business, and increase overall ROI.
  • Integrations make a new world of SMS capabilities possible - RingCentral provides over 300 pre-built integrations allowing you to plug SMS into all the apps where work happens for you ( Hubspot, Google, Microsoft Teams, you name it, we got it). Send marketing blasts, notifications, automate alerts, appointment reminders, and even payment requests with our SMS integrations. Enjoy advanced SMS features like:
    • Shared SMS inbox
    • Automation workflows such as auto-replies, keyword auto-responder, and more
    • Built-in AI capabilities
    • Segmented contact list
    • SMS campaign management
    • Real-time data and detailed graphical analytics, like the number of messages delivered, timestamps, and much more.
  • Easy set up with simple, transparent pricing - With some other providers, new hidden SMS fees may come as an unpleasant surprise in the form of surcharges, cost recovery fees, or other costs—even charges for unused SMS! With RingCentral, you can rely on predictable costs with transparent SMS pricing  of just $0.0085 per message sent/received with no surprise fees or hidden charges. To help save you even more money, customers receive a free monthly allowance of messages and are only charged once that threshold is exceeded. To give our customers the most value, your allowance is pooled at the account level, meaning you’re not penalized for team members that use more SMS, and you don’t lose the SMS for those that use less.
  • One subscription for business communications simplified - Business SMS is included in our RingEX plans. Enjoy robust suite of business communication tools like advanced cloud phone system, online faxing, team messaging, video conferencing, file sharing and much more. Consolidate your business partners and streamline your budget while revolutionizing your communications with RingCentral SMS. Click here to view a complete pricing breakdown of RingCentral products and services.
Each user can store up to 5,000 text messages, including sent and received messages in RingCentral business texting app.
Yes, there is an allotted number of messages sent/received per month for US and Canada RingEX customers. Once you have reached those thresholds, rates will apply for each message sent/received. Go to SMS Pricing Changes for more information.
Yes. You can use the RingCentral app to send bulk SMS messages, including international numbers. Different from a group message, which RingCentral also offers, sending a text message in bulk means sending the same message to multiple people in separate messages. You can also integrate with our partners like BeeTexting to build out and manage SMS contact lists to send updates, notifications, alerts, or promotions.  Easily add your recipients to multiple lists – and even set up advanced messaging rules to perfectly segment your customers.
Yes, sending outbound SMS is supported. However, sending/receiving MMS for toll-free numbers is currently not supported. Please contact your RingCentral Account Manager to enable sending SMS with your toll-free number.
Investing in a business texting service that can be launched via smartphones, desktops, and various devices is a must for organizations looking for a more effective, efficient two-way communication channel. It can be utilized for day-to-day conversations, SMS marketing, customer support, and the list goes on. 
While there are many options that promise impressive features, you’ll find that some of them may be way out of budget.
With RingCentral, you get all the best features of business SMS without breaking the bank. Click here to view a complete pricing breakdown of RingCentral products and services.
Yes, mobile carriers have placed restrictions on how you may message recipients, as well as the types of messages and campaigns you may send.  Please review our SMS policies to better understand these restrictions and the requirements carriers have placed on business SMS.
With RingCentral for Microsoft Teams, you can send and receive SMS messages to contacts in the company directory or an external number within Microsoft Teams. Additional benefits of RingCentral SMS natively embedded into your Teams app include having an unified inbox, unified number, powerful search capability, MMS support, being carrier compliant, deliverability optimizations, and more. Microsoft Teams customers with a E1 and E3 license can embed RingCentral’s advanced capabilities – including SMS, Fax, Voicemail Transcription, Analytics, Call Queues, and more – without needing to pay for an $8/user Teams Calling license. Learn more about RingCentral for Microsoft Teams here.
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Less costs.
Happier customers.