RingSenseTM for Sales

AI-powered conversation intelligence

Boost win rates and gain customer insights with AI

Unlock value from every customer interaction, automatically keep CRMs up to date, and provide AI-assisted coaching tips to close more deals.
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Winner of the Unified Communications Product of the Year 2024 Award
Integrates with RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, leading CRMs and more
Records & summarises
customer conversations
Seamlessly transcribes phone calls,  video meetings and emails and stores them for easy retrieval afterwards.
Keeps CRMs
up to date
Leverages AI to summarise conversations and automatically update sales CRMs like Salesforce.
Provides AI-powered
coaching tips
Delivers automated coaching tips so the team can give consistent, successful pitches.
Delivers insights on what customers care about
Provides insights into what topics, competitors and products customers are interested in.

The integration of the account manager scorecard, complemented by AI-driven suggestions, has paved the way
for a unique and personalised scoring system that effectively addresses our needs.

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Lee LeBaigue
Senior Vice President at InsuranceHub

Elevate your customer communication strategy

Records and summarises customer conversations to keep an eye over your business

Automatically transcribes and summarises phone calls & video meetings and stores them for easy retrieval afterwards. Gives peace of mind to prospective buyers so they can get visibility into calls when needed. Ensure quality assurance, efficient time management, and deeper customer insights.
An agent interacting with a client using the smart features of RingSense for Sales AI dashboard

Keeps CRMs up to date

Say goodbye to manual CRM updates. RingSense AI automatically transcribes calls and video meetings, updating your CRM systems like Salesforce for enriched data and improved visibility.
App integrations of the RingSense AI such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Gmail, Zendesk and MS Dynamics 365

Coach teams to win more deals

RingSense AI actively coaches your team in
real-time. The platform generates personalised coaching tips for each team member. These tips are tailored to their specific performance metrics and areas for improvement, providing actionable advice on how to improve their communication skills.
The AI coach feature of the RingSense for Sales AI as seen in the RingCentral dashboard

Delivers insights
on what customers care about

Track and analyse interactions to better understand what topics and products
customers are interested in or have concerns about. Monitor competitor mentions, address objections, and ensure your team delivers consistent, successful pitches.
The Customer Insight Tracker of the RingSense for Sales AI

Coach teams towards consistently better calls

Watch how RingSense for Sales can accelerate revenue and unlock new efficiencies

Play Video: A female agent using the RingSense for Sales AI Sentiment Analysis feature
Play Video: A female agent using the RingSense for Sales AI Sentiment Analysis feature

Works for a broad spectrum of business use cases

No matter the role or industry, RingSense AI adapts to a diverse range of scenarios, offering tailored analytics and actionable insights to optimise performance across sectors.
A sales agent using the Smart Notes feature of the RingSense for Sales AI on his laptop

Maximise win rates

Let AI automate the most tedious parts of sales, so sellers can focus 
on closing.
  • Automated note taking during meetings to focus on active listening
  • Automated data entry of the summaries and next steps into CRMs for better hygiene, helping with forecasting
  • Insights across all your customers on your competition and the common objections
  • AI-based deal scoring based on sentiment analysis, engagement and more
  • Automated post-call feedback via an AI coach so sellers can improve over time
A man looking at a laptop while talking on a mobile phone with an insert of a line graph

Improve legal representation

Streamline client engagement, enhance case management efficiency, and maximise billing potential through data-driven insights.
  • Automated note taking and next action items to save lawyers and clerk’s time
  • Securely record all interactions regardless of the mode of communication (call or meeting) for compliance and transparency
  • Coach lawyers and clerks to improve soft skills such as managing interruptions, talk to listen ratio, patience on calls
  • Understand client frustrations and common objections trends with keyword trackers
A female doctor using the Post-Call Highlights feature of RingSense for AI for call summary with a patient
RINGSENSE™ FOR healthcare

Optimise patient experiences

Optimise patient journey mapping, improve care delivery and maximise billing accuracy through predictive analytics and data integration.
  • Automated note taking and next action items to save doctors and nurses time
  • Securely records all interactions regardless of the mode of communication (call or meeting) for compliance and transparency
  • Automation of the data entry to EMR and HMR systems
  • AI-powered coaching tips to improve patient satisfaction
  • Capture trends such as most common reason for calls and referrals automatically
A male employee shares the Smart Notes generated by RingSense for Sales AI via the RingCentral app on his laptop
RINGSENSE™ FOR Financial services

Up-level client interactions

Tailor products, services and personalise financial advice to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Capture discussions about investment strategies and help financial advisors keep accurate records for compliance.
  • Records calls and identifies common concerns and customer sentiment
  • Summarises key points from client meetings, and highlights investment preferences
A female insurance employee recording a call with a client using the RingCentral app

Improve representative performance

Help reps handle calls more effectively and improve their overall skill set.
  • Records and transcribes calls, summarises key points from customer interactions involving claims
  • Ensures better quality assurance and adherence to legal standards for compliance which helps with dispute resolution
  • AI-powered coaching tips provide guidance on how to handle calls more effectively
  • Automatically updates CRMs leading to enhanced visibility into customer interactions, more informed decision-making, stronger client relationships and reduces administrative overhead
A female HR officer sending an invitation to an applicant using the RingCentral app
RINGSENSE™ FOR human resources

Improve hiring quality

Analyse communication skills, technical knowledge, and cultural fit through analytics that leads to more informed hiring decisions.
  • Provides coaching tips to recruiters so they can improve their interviewing skills, guiding them on what questions to ask and how to navigate the interview
  • Analyse what applicants say during interviews to uncover trends about what drives candidates to apply
  • Recording calls and maintaining detailed interactions ensures compliance with employment laws and regulations

InsuranceHub uses RingSense AI to transform sales conversations and reduce churn

The logo of Insurance Hub placed on top of a man looking at a laptop screen

Built on the world’s most advanced
business phone system

Fully integrated with no AI
training needed

Available without any AI training or set-up; fully integrated into RingCentral’s wide range of calling use cases in our award-winning RingEX business communications app.

Globally reliable with 
trusted security

With over five years of 99.999% uptime and available in 46 countries, the RingCentral platform is built on trust, with globally recognised security and privacy 3rd party certifications.

Disruptively priced with
affordability in mind

RingSense AI offers comprehensive, AI-driven insights at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. It’s designed for businesses of all sizes seeking to maximise their customer engagement without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Conversation intelligence is a tool used to analyse business conversations (such as sales calls and customer calls) and supports the next best actions for improved operations and results.
It differs from your typical call recording or online collaboration solution because it has outstanding documentation, note-taking, and conversational analytics capabilities. It works by inserting artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies into cloud tools. This allows organisations to actively record phone calls, generate accurate transcriptions, analyse communications, glean data-driven information, and surface actionable insights.
By making it possible to record, transcribe, and analyse customer interactions, agents can easily access relevant information, input call data into CRM platforms, and share information with key team members and departments. This streamlines workflows and enables your workforce to focus on tasks that matter the most—boosting agent performance and efficiency rates in the process.
Conversation intelligence solutions can also serve as the foundation for effective customer support and sales coaching. Sales managers and supervisors can leverage conversation intelligence to provide instructions on how to improve customer satisfaction rates, explain and supply information about new products and services, or align marketing and sales efforts to achieve a consistent tone across all channels.
Overall, conversation intelligence tools can be applied to many areas of business: sales forecasting, pipeline management, contact center legal compliance, and more.
Revenue intelligence refers to the process of collecting and analysing sales data to gain critical business information. The data-gathering process covers all areas of sales engagement and buyer experience, including:
  • Competitor mentions
  • Objection handling
  • Budget discussions
  • Decision-making authority
  • Deal progression and selling methodologies
Similar to conversation intelligence, revenue intelligence platforms also use AI and ML to identify trends, metrics, and KPIs to gain a comprehensive view of buyer reality, accelerate sales cycles, and support accurate forecasts for revenue growth.
Revenue operations (RevOps) is the end-to-end business process of integrating sales, marketing, and customer service into a unified system. It is heavily focused on aligning the entire funnel, connecting business and activity data, streamlining operations, and creating a clear and transparent business framework.
This holistic approach ensures that all teams are working towards the same goals—improve revenue process efficiency, drive predictable revenue, and achieve revenue growth.
Beyond better revenue growth, however, successful revenue operations also give businesses the advantage of removing roadblocks and conflicts within departments, maximising functionalities of technologies and tools, establishing long-term strategic planning techniques, achieving better customer retention rates, and more.

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