Updated NOVEMBER 2023
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Dialing up innovation

We’re always innovating to help you work smarter, not harder. Here’s what's new at RingCentral.
A slideshow of RingCentral updates including:  1. Advanced settings for removing background noise in the RingCentral app 2. The Quality of Service and Analytics windows of the RingCentral app 3. The RingCentral app Bot Builder  4. The RingCentral Smart Assist Chatbot

Powerful new capabilities to help you work smarter

The new AI-powered events management platform RingCentral Events
Available now

AI-powered RingCentral Events

Simplify event management from planning to execution with coming AI capabilities. Event organizers get a full virtual venue, a fully customizable setup, a full set of integrations, and more at an affordable price.
RingSense scoreboard dashboard
US, CA, UK and AUS only

New capabilities to close more deals in RingSense for Sales

Reduce sales cycle times with enhanced coaching, deal scoring and win/lose insights.
A video shown within the Push to Talk feature of RingCentral
Push to talk
Available now

See more with just a tap with Push to Show

Transform your real-time communication from just talking to instantly sharing. One tap, and your rear-view mobile camera springs to life, letting your team see exactly what you do.
A list of contacts and a dialpad in the RingCentral app Microsoft Teams integration
Microsoft Teams
Available now

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing powered by RingCentral

Integrate market-leading telephony, SMS, and fax into Microsoft Teams with a direct routing solution, built, managed, and owned by RingCentral.
A webinar invitation being generated in the RingCentral Webinar platform
Available now

AI-Powered RingCentral Webinars

Increase engagement & inclusivity for your webinars. Use AI to generate smart webinar descriptions, and automatically translate Q&A into different languages for your global audiences.
A man in Indonesia making a call to a woman in Bermuda using the Global RingEX app
Global RingEX
Available now

New BYOC countries

Customers in Bermuda and Indonesia can now receive the cloud PBX functionality of RingEX by connecting to their local voice carrier.

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Innovations that elevate connected experiences and provide insights

The overview dashboard of the RingCX platform
AI-first CX
US, CA and UK only

RingCX: AI-first, simple to use contact center solution

Help customers and contact center employees before, during, and after interactions with real-time guidance for agents in a rich omnichannel solution with voice and all digital channels - starting at $65 per agent per month.
A group chat message between agents on the RingCX platform
Agile CX
US, CA and UK only

Click to launch from RingEX

Improve the user experience for supervisors, agents and administrators by allowing them to directly access the RingCX interface from RingEX -  all with one easy click.
An Auto summary generated in the RingCX platform
Agile CX
Beta in US, CA & UK only

Reduce workload with auto summaries

Automated AI-powered call summaries are displayed at the end of each call to reduce errors,  post-call effort as well as up-front information gathering for faster issue identification and resolution.
A graph and a chart showing the SLA scorecard dashboard
Enterprise CX
Available now

View dashboards holistically across product suite

A new dashboard experience enables a cross domain data view for supervisors, managers and analysts with cross-suite data aggregation and visualization application for real-time and historical data.
RingCX coaching manager dashboard
Enterprise CX
Available now

Optimize ESAT and CSAT with personalized coaching

Streamline coaching processes with a robust coaching application that facilitates targeted, personalized sessions (1:1, group, and coach-the-coach sessions) based on specific goals and behaviors.
Forecasting table feature in the RingCX platform
Enterprise CX
Available now

Drive accurate asynchronous forecasting

Improve forecasting and planning for asynchronous long duration channels (such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Chatbot) with True-to- Interval insights to guide staffing requirements.
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From powerful calling to AI-powered contact centers, these new innovations will help you run and manage business communications faster and easier.
A conversation between an agent and a client in the RingCX platform

Customer experience top innovations

A group of people attending a tech conference via the RingCentral platform

Business communications top innovations

“RingCentral is a great example of an organization that, by far, has the most open platform in the industry and is truly dedicated to improving workflows and enhancing productivity.”

Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research

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The RingCX Agent dashboard metrics overview
Business communications

Q3 RingEX updates: Boosting employee impact with communications AI, live streaming & refreshed UX

A male agent using the RingCentral dialpad in Microsoft Teams integration
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Q2 @ RingCentral: A quantum leap in AI, Microsoft Teams experiences, frontline communications & more

A bot being used to communicate to customers
Customer experience

Top CX innovations at RingCentral: Summer 2023

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