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For the UK’s Top Legal Recruiting Agency, Switching to RingCentral Was an Open-and-Shut Case
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The main business number would ring to a single reception-desk phone. If no one was there at that moment, it would go to voicemail. That wasn’t a caller experience we were satisfied with for our clients or candidates.

Molly Cocking

Administration Manager

Although it was founded only a few years ago, JMC Legal Recruitment is already topping lists of “Best UK Legal Recruiters.” The agency also has dozens of 5-star reviews on Google—more than any other legal recruiting firm in the country.

Even more impressive than the vast number of perfect ratings JMC Legal Recruiting has earned are the testimonials written alongside them. If you read the agency’s Google reviews, you’ll find common phrases such as “friendly,” “attentive,” “listen,” and “dream job/dream role.” Comments like these provide a major clue about the agency’s rapid rise to leadership in legal recruiting.
JMC Legal has earned its stellar reputation and fast-growing national client base by staying true to its original mission: offering the legal community a refreshingly friendly agency of consultants who truly listen, put their clients’ and candidates’ interests first, and are always accessible when needed.
And one of the secret weapons to JMC Legal’s ability to be accessible to its clients and candidates—anytime, anywhere—is the agency’s cloud-based phone system.

Rapid early growth demanded a better phone solution

From its earliest days, one of JMC Legal’s promises to candidates has been to take as much time as needed to listen and fully understand their circumstances and goals before offering advice on a potential role. But this is often complicated by the fact that many candidates are already in full-time jobs—and having an in-depth phone conversation with a recruiter during the workday isn’t always possible.
The agency’s dedicated recruiting staff did the best they could with their original phone infrastructure. But because that system was built on landlines and office phones, JMC Legal’s consultants often had to give out their personal mobile or home numbers to communicate with candidates and clients during off-hours.
“As our client base grew and the number of daily candidate phone calls really took off, we realised we needed a phone system that was capable of more,” recalls Molly Cocking, JMC Legal’s Administration Manager.
Now if our consultants want to step out for lunch, they no longer need to worry about missing an important client call. They know they’ll be able to take that call right on their RingCentral mobile app.

Molly Cocking

Administration Manager
Professional Services
Bristol, England

Cloud communications: the answer to a mobile, client-focused organisation

When they migrated to RingCentral’s cloud-based phone solution, JMC Legal’s team quickly began taking advantage of their newfound mobility and opportunities to improve the client experience.
“We set up shared-line call groups for our reception team,” Molly explains. “That allowed us to share responsibility among several employees for answering calls on the company’s main number. It meant we knew someone would always be there to take a client or candidate’s call, as opposed to sending that person to voicemail.”
And when JMC’s recruiting team downloaded the RingCentral app onto their mobile phones, for the first time they had the ability to take and make calls on their business lines from outside the office.
“All of our consultants work nights, weekends, or whenever it’s convenient for a candidate to speak with them about getting placed in a new role,” says Molly. “With the RingCentral app on their mobiles, our consultants could now have those calls while maintaining a consistent JMC Legal identity—and without giving out their personal numbers.”
Molly and her team even found a way RingCentral could speed and improve training new staff joining the agency. “We realised we could use the call-record feature to build a library of real client and candidate phone calls,” she says. “When we’re onboarding a new employee, we can have that person listen to a range of these calls to learn our processes and best practices quickly.”

Capitalising on RingCentral’s referral program

Molly and her team found RingCentral so helpful in streamlining and improving JMC Legal’s operations that she recommended the cloud-based phone solution to the company’s new sister organisation—JMC Partners—which offers support and resources to independent recruiters around the world.
As Molly explains: “When I found out about RingCentral’s Customer Advocate Programme, I thought it was a great way to recommend a solution that could benefit our sister company’s operations—and earn rewards for our team at the same time.”

Enabling a disruption-free transition to remote work

With all of the benefits they saw from their deployment of RingCentral, JMC Legal’s team felt vindicated almost immediately in their decision to migrate to the cloud phone solution. But when the COVID quarantine orders went into effect across the UK, they felt downright brilliant for making that switch.
“I don’t even like to think about how we would’ve handled the lockdowns if we were still using our old phone system,” Molly says. “But because we had RingCentral, everyone already had the ability to take business calls on their mobile phones or even their laptops. Thanks to that solution, the transition to remote was smooth and painless.”