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Call, fax, or chat in one app

Fax, visual voicemail, and more.

Easy for everyone

The easiest phone system you'll ever set up. Use the app on your mobile, desktop, or desk phone.

Embed a softphone everywhere

Automate with tight integrations across all the popular business apps.

Work your way

Run your business with the way you live. Enjoy a complete business phone service from anywhere.

Meet your new business phone system

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Up and running in minutes

Add new phone numbers, devices, offices, and remote teams in no time.

Delight customers with advanced features

Route customers with interactive voice response (IVR) and call queues. Take advantage of a virtual phone system with built-in multi-site support to manage business branches with unique operational needs. Plus, get 24/7 customer support via chat or phone.

Built-in analytics for quick insights

Monitor call quality, usage, device status, and setup alerts. Let everyone from IT, sales, marketing, HR, and others discover their own “aha!” moment with customizable dashboards and real-time insights.

Global management made easy

Keep global offices and remote workers on the same page with 18 languages available for settings, multilingual IVRs, and localised voice prompts.

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Work together. From anywhere.

Say hello on the go

One unified app, accessible everywhere.

Add new business phone numbers with ease

Set up secure business lines on employees’ personal devices. Keep existing numbers or get new local, global, or toll-free numbers.

The phone system that moves with you

Flip calls between a softphone, desk phone, or mobile device in one tap. Switch phone calls to video meetings with one click.

Limitless ways to get work done

Get all inclusive HD voice calling, fax, messaging, HD video meetings, and cloud storage on a single app.

Never drop a call again with our industry-leading reliability

Phone system features that keep everyone focused

More than a business phone service, cloud VoIP is a reliable communications platform that eliminates the need for on-premise hardware. RingCentral provides reliable, high-quality phone service anywhere you have internet access.

Advance your communications with the industry leader in hosted PBX. RingCentral features a virtual PBX that has all the benefits of a traditional PBX system—auto-attendant, advanced call routing, virtual extensions, etc.—without the expensive landlines and limitations of hardware such as physical boxes, trunks, and switches.

Our calling features have been designed to give you a flexible, mobile, and powerful cloud phone system. Choose from a variety of available phone numbers including local and toll-free numbers, install our apps on your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, and improve communications with call forwarding, call flip, device switching, enhanced business SMS and more.

Provision, manage, and gain insights anywhere with advanced administrative and analytics tools. Initiate instant employee moves, adds, and changes, even when you’re on the go. Simplify multi-site and number management and get a visual view of your IVR for easier editing.

RingCentral offers extensive coverage with full service in over 45 countries and inbound virtual numbers in 105+ countries. Eliminate the cost and complexity of managing multiple disparate phone systems and benefit from simplified number management and international device shipping.

From our product design to the operations of our business, we employ rigorous security and data best-practices in everything we do. We provide our customers with a robust security platform by integrating security principles into the development process from the get-go. See our Trust Center.

Gain in-depth insights in real time with our advanced call management system, IT and line of business analytics. Customise your own dashboards with 30+ pre-built KPIs and pull in-depth QoS reports for a complete view of system-wide quality and instant troubleshooting.


Work with your teams, wherever they are

  • Integrate RingCentral phone capabilities into your favorite business apps like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce.
  • Create integrated apps that work for your business’s unique needs with our open APIs, SDKs, widgets, and more.
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Connect from your preferred device

Employee using the RingCentral phone system from her mobile device

On your phone or tablet

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On your computer

Ongoing online meeting over a deskphone

At your desk

Dive deeper into advanced calling capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Phone Systems

A business phone system enables organisations to maintain lines of communication with both internal and external contacts. 

Traditionally, small businesses and large enterprises both use a complicated system of on-premise telephones to manage incoming and outgoing calls. Called private branch exchange or PBX, this phone solution entails purchasing, setting, and housing an array of equipment, such as desk phones, telephone cables, and even adapters.

These days, however, there has been a shift to digital business communications. New technologies are allowing businesses to enjoy a more remote friendly, innovative, and cost-efficient way of handling phone calls: cloud phone systems.

Cloud PBX makes it possible to make and receive calls using any device. Team members can use their laptops, desktops, or mobile devices for real-time communication. A strong internet connection is all you need, and you are good to go!

Like the name implies, cloud phone systems deliver PBX functionally as a service through the cloud. This means that users get the same calling features of a traditional phone system—call routing, call recording, call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, auto-attendant, and more—while using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to facilitate calls over the internet. This is far more cost effective, flexible and scalable infrastructure. Plus you only pay for what you use, not a cent more. 

Additionally, hosted PBX usually offers other capabilities for better business communications. RingCentral, for example, is more than just a regular business phone system. We also integrate the features of team messaging, HD video calling, business SMS, eFaxing, IT and line of business analytics, embedded apps, and APIs to give you an all-in-one communications solution that works according to your business needs.

You can get local, toll-free, local, or international business phone numbers along with your VoIP phone systems. This step is important in making sure your employees and clients can reach you anytime, anywhere.

With RingCentral, the process is very easy:

  1. Sign up for any RingCentral plan.
  2. Indicate what type of business phone number you need (toll-free or local), and you will be given a list of available numbers to choose from
  3. You can also port your existing phone numbers, and we’ll take care of that for you. Read more here.
  4. Need to order more numbers? Once your account is ready, go to your dashboard. Go to Phone Numbers, then choose the Add Number option.

When choosing the best cloud communications solution for your company, you need to consider reliability and SLAs,  pricing, advanced telephony features you may need in the future, the cloud vendor’s security practices, the depth and breadth of their integration ecosystem, and the overall value it can add to your business. Here are some points to look for:

  • Costs - One of the main reasons you are switching from traditional phones to business VoIP systems is for the savings. Be sure to find a plan that can help your company lessen equipment procurement, maintenance, and upgrade costs. A good virtual phone system, like RingCentral, can be up and running in minutes—meaning no downtime for your business! According to a 2022 survey, RingCentral customers saw a 23% decrease in average telecommunication costs, a 20% decrease in hardware costs, and a 16% decrease in overall IT spend when they migrated to RingEX.
  • Productivity - While the primary purpose of your IP telephony is to manage voice calls, it can also do so much more. With RingCentral, for example, you get unlimited calling, PBX functionality as well as the following unified communications features:
  • Audio conferencing
  • Business SMS 
  • Device switching and call to video in 1 click
  • Call logs and history
  • Call screening and blocking
  • Caller ID
  • Multi-site management
  • Hot desking
  • Internet faxing
  • Paging and intercom
  • Video meetings
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Cost center management, role based access controls, single sign on and more!

See an in depth view of our RingCentral features here.

  • Reliability - This is a common concern among business owners, and it is completely understandable. That’s why it is crucial to set up secure business phone lines that are always reachable. At RingCentral, we have strong, financially backed 99.999% SLAs, and a 15+ quarter proven track record of reliability. With less than 6 mins of downtime every year, we deliver on our reliability promises and maintain the highest uptime among industry leaders. 
  • Security - With RingCentral, you can breathe easy knowing that multiple layers of redundancy, failover technology, physical and biometric security, encryption, system hardening, and 24/7 monitoring safeguard your data. Your valuable company data and communications are protected by enterprise-grade security.
  • Continuity - Scalability is no longer a nice-to-have feature; it is a must. Make it a point to get a business phone system that grows as your business grows. With RingCentral, for instance, you can easily purchase, activate, and assign business phone numbers and virtual extensions to new users or departments. This can quickly be done on your computers or smartphones, too, so there’s no need for additional help or training to complete your expansion.

Businesses have different requirements when it comes to streamlining workflows, improving productivity, and enhancing communications. 

RingCentral can help by allowing you to integrate phone, SMS and faxing capabilities into your favorite business apps like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce. We also offer open APIs, SDKs, and widgets that you can utilize to create integrated apps that work for your business’ unique needs. Check out the RingCentral App Gallery for more information about what you can do with our cloud communications platform.

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