Updated June 2023
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Dialling up innovation

We’re always innovating to help you work smarter, not harder. Here’s what's new at RingCentral.
RingCentral Updates March 2023: Advanced Video Settings

See what’s new on RingCentral MVP

Play video: RingCentral MVP's Innovation Updates in Q2

Powerful new capabilities to help you work smarter

The new RingCentral app user interface
Available now

Compact design, big impact

A new, refreshed desktop phone experience to make multi-apping even more delightful.
The RingCentral app integration in Microsoft Teams
Available now

Experience the new RingCentral for Microsoft Teams

Power external communications in Microsoft Teams with RingCentral’s telephony, fax and more. No Teams Phone or E5 license needed.
RingCentral's call queue window
Available in beta version

Video SDKs and AI APIs

Add customised video experiences to your web, desktop or mobile app with accessibility and security built in using our video SDK.  Gain deeper insights, add transcriptions and summaries with our audio and video AI APIs. Try them both in beta for free.
A worker using RingCentral Push-to-talk feature to speak with a colleague
Push to talk
Available now

Empower essential staff with RingCentral for Frontline Workers

Unify essential workers on one communications platform with walkie-talkie, mobile camera sharing, AI, noise reduction, team messaging and more.
An illustration of hands with a phone icon, Microsoft Exchange logo, and add contact logo on top
Available now

Conversation management enhancements

We’ve upgraded the placement of the compose message button to the top menu, where users have told us they naturally look for it. You can compose a message to an individual, a group of people or a team. Additionally, you can now choose how you want to review your team messages – either by most recent messages received or folder view.
The Add Number window pane of RingCentral's Admin portal
Available now

Desk Phone Pairing

Control your office desk phones directly from the RingCentral app for increased convenience and flexibility. You can answer and end calls, mute or unmute and even place calls on hold without having to physically interact with the office desk phone.

Get the RingCentral app on mobile or desktop

Get the RingCentral app on mobile or desktop

See what’s new for customer experience

Video: RingCentral's bot skills store update in Spring 2023

Innovations that elevate connected experiences and provide insights

The complete bot builder dashboard of RingCentral
Available now

Precise Routing (Bullseye)

Handle interactions optimally by expanding the agent pool based on proficiency or attribute - if the ideal agent isn’t available within the configured wait-time, the customer is routed to the next best one.
An incoming call with an Advanced Caller ID in the RingCentral app
Available now

Studio Actions now Automated for Digital

Build faster consistent routing, end-to-end workflows and integrations for digital channels with 15+ new Studio actions to decrease development effort, and improve customer experience.
RingCentral omnichannel 's Real-Time Interaction Guidance dashboard
Available now

Actionable Bot Insights

Ensure optimal customer self-service journeys by continually monitoring and improving your bot’s performance.
The agent dashboard of RingCentral's omnichannel CX platform
Available now

Real-time quality evaluation

Improve workforce efficiency by enabling supervisors to respond to agents’ performance issues in real-time.
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“RingCentral is a great example of an organisation that, by far, has the most open platform in the industry and is truly dedicated to improving workflows and enhancing productivity.”

Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research

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